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Hi, Casters,
Thought the forum was a little quiet lately.  Just wanted to share this.  I just received a brand new SLoSH-x from an outfit in Texas, pre-tuned, with the brakes pre-set and spooled, at a very affordable price.  It only took 7 days from order to receipt too. 
Evidently the expert who tuned the reel (well known in America) would have us use both red brakes, inserted with the flat sides facing out to the end plate. 
I will be trying it this weekend and may very well re-tune my SL30SH the same, with a drop of slightly heavier oil on the bearing, following Nick's (Wgtn) advice, as he correctly observed that I was having a little difficulty controling the spool one night.
I recall Hardy mentioning taping the line down on the spool and giving the spool a spin to see how long it ran free for.  I think I shall fall asleep waiting for the spool on this baby to slow down!  it will be with shaking ands that I try it with this weekend!
Tight lines guys, Philip

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Two reds will be sort of slow but once you get it dialed you will drop down to one white and one red .Then two whites .
I got down to one white but it was a bit hairy !! for general fishing two whites is fairly foolproof ( for me at least)
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