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Well done to that man Karvin  the ( Karvinator) Chin posting 225 metres, casting in nz is getting right out there and i suspect he has not finished either. He is being guided by Jeff Murray who was undefeated in his casting reign in NZ a few years ago. He, Jeff, has always had a great technical side and it is good to see him come back into casting. I have always had a dream to put together a casting team to take away to compete and now with several casters in the in the 215 to 220's we may just see the light. Next year I am with the help of others, starting a new casting association in NZ just for casting. We will follow more European lines and it will not affect the nzaca. The politics in getting change is too much like hard work with stirrers at work as i type but they will fall by the weighside and this casting club will set a change in place to help those who want more improvment and to perform at a high level. If potshots and digs are all you can mange then dont become politics just casting for distance and more distance. We propose to do away with accuracy and have meets for practical technical swapping of ideas. Not all will agree, this i know but there will be an open door policy for those wishing to improve. Almost all the top casters are on board with only a few small details of what they would like included and then we are all go to launch. Our first positive step is in order with a team going to Oz in 2009 to represent NZ in the casting part of their national champs AAA. We have booked and keen to go. If this is the type of thing you are interested in send an email to
Outline what you want for your casting and we will see if we can do it.

40 years fishing and casting.
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