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Last weekend saw kawerau start its casting defense title. All casters performed well with our junior boy or i should say young six foot man blitzing the nz records for distance.  A new custom greg rod 222 saw pendulum used and a 163.70 mtre last cast well done Barry Baker.
Lady,  Angela Smeal improved to  101  metres.  Janine Slater has leapt ahead again gregs pendulum teachings now see the nz record for women to be set at 135.21 with the promise of much more as the technique improves.
Mens big mover sees Bruce Slater go up again another 222 custom gregs rods from 160's to a new high for Bruce of 180.90. Finally the big boy had a good day.  His 3 step new cast has the goods, No wind remember,   to post 210,214 and a personal recorded best of 220.80 meters.
We have a tight group that practice together and share constuctive advice at all levels.
If you need advice or want to learn our secret send thousand s of dollars to us and we will teach you nothing but gladly take your money. ha ha ha

Seriously next year a programme will be available for you in nz to be part of the casting revolution.

Just to finish the accuracy section went well with us on average three to four meters from the target into a head wind which made it a little harder than expected. for those wanting a title over 327 points for men 227 for women and 220 for juniors. these are no handicap aproximations with final results to be worked out by nzaca .
cheers big boy bop

40 years fishing and casting.
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