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Hi all, I broke my wrist earlier in the year and while on ACC decided it was time to do some fishing. I went and spoke to the guys at Pete Lamb fishing and left with a Pen Slammer a cheap reel and some squid. I didn't catch a lot but became hooked all the same. Anyway so ive broken my arm for the second time this year and have done vast amounts of fishing. Ufortunately im still usually farely unsuccessfull here in wellington apart from the odd red cod and a few small blue ones. Lake ferry @ Palliser Bay was great untill we were harassed by a swarm of red cod, must have thrown back at least fourty! Recently caught the biggest fish of my short involvement in the sport, a Kawhai that was close to 80 cm long, it put up a great fight and was delicious despite their rep. Im still waiting to catch my first snapper and hopefully a Kingy this summer. So ive been fishing about 9 months have lernt a lot met heaps of good folk and am utterly addicted to it (never make a man choose between his fishing rod and his woman!)

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Hi Dan

Come on over to the other TT board, there is more action there.

Cheers Trev

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