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Hi Casters

Well Big Boy anyway.  The Magnetix arrived a few days ago.  Sure is a nice looking reel, well constructed.  Took it down the beach for some practice casts. Nothing long, just getting used to using a revolving spool.  Found the Mag setting that suited the gear I was using. No horrendous birds nests, a few little snarlys only.

Didn't try any power casting as my tennis elbow is still hurting like hell. Just gentle overhead thumping.  Even with that managed a 90 yarder.  So elbow get better and then I will see what this reel can do. I might add all my rods are for Fixed Spool reels, so I aint expecting to much yet. Guess eventually a rod suited to a revolving spool will be on my shopping list.

Cheers Trev

Surf casting is all about man v fish.
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godd stuff hardy , i am not one for freespools ,i can use them but only as not to embarrass myself though.  Mark Roberts is the man for those freespool reels or the welly boys for any tips or advice. My casting is hovering in the 210 to 220 distance and i spent a great and i mean great weekend hunting at jock bieslkis place where he showed me a secret squirrell video of himselef and the welly boys doing the tests on a new secret weapon 210 plus metres . me thinks i might just go and practice as the closeness of competition is ringing in my ears.

40 years fishing and casting.
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